How Old is Mattea Roach? Know About The Youngest Jeopardy! Mastermind

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At just 23 years old, Mattea Roach has cemented her place in Jeopardy! history as the youngest contestant to ever reach “super champion” status. Her quick wit, breadth of knowledge, calculated wagering, and cool confidence under pressure has dazzled viewers during her epic 23-game win streak, earning her $560,983 and counting.

As the rising star rockets up the record books, passing legendary champions like Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider, fans want to know – how does a millennial college tutor possess such a mastery of trivia? And what’s the secret sauce behind the self-proclaimed “reigning queen of random information”?

Let’s take a deep dive into the origins and education of Gen Z’s biggest Jeopardy! phenom.

How Old is Mattea Roach? Know About The Youngest Jeopardy! Mastermind

Mattea’s Early Life and Education

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Mattea Roach was born on May 14, 1999. That makes her just 23 years, 11 months old – a record for the youngest super-champion titleholder in Jeopardy! history.

The TV wiz kid grew up in a household that valued education. Her mother Sarah is a teacher-librarian and her father Jeff worked in publishing. They encouraged Mattea and her younger brother William to foster a lifelong love of learning from a young age.

In high school, Mattea attended Claude Watson School for the Arts – an audition-based arts-focused middle and secondary school within the Toronto public school board. There, she majored in drama and sharpened her quick-thinking skills through academic competition, joining the Claude Watson Reach for the Top team all four years.

After graduating high school in 2016, Mattea set her sights stateside to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, double majoring in English and Sexuality & Gender Studies.

Outside of her demanding coursework, Mattea continued her high school trivia team passion, joining Yale’s intercollegiate quiz bowl group. The fast-paced trivia and buzzer competition further honed her rapid reflexes and ability to recall obscure tidbits across history, science, literature, and more.

As Mattea told Jeopardy!, her time at Yale was transformative: “It taught me how to lose gracefully and win without gloating…two skills we all need!”

Just shy of her 23rd birthday in May 2022, the brainy go-getter graduated Yale magna cum laude with distinction honors in her dual majors.

After college, Mattea moved back home to Toronto. She took on tutoring students in English literacy part-time while contemplating applying to law school.

Little did she know, her Jeopardy! dreams were about to become reality…

Passion for Pop Culture Propels Mattea’s Success

Mattea grew up watching Jeopardy! with her family, falling in love with the high-stakes trivia action. In January 2022, she decided to finally take the storied Jeopardy! entrance exam.

The 50-question test covers topics like history, literature, science, arts, pop culture and more. It has a tough 12% acceptance rate – but Mattea aced it on the first try thanks to her passion for pop culture.

Pop music, movies, TV shows, YouTubers, video games – you name it in the zeitgeist over the last 30 years and Mattea knows it. By absorbing entertainment and celebrity news daily from an early age, she gained an edge racking up points in categories that stump older contestants.

Mattea also keeps up with LGBTQ+ culture, internet slang, fashion trends and other youth-dominated niches – allowing her to lock down clues the Gen Z way.

When she tapes an episode, Mattea hones her pop culture prowess scanning the Jeopardy! set for visual clues. She takes note of categories that play to her millennial strengths like “TikTok Trends” or “Current Billboard Hits” – then pounces before opponents can ring in.

Beyond her pop culture magnetism, the youngest-ever super champion prepares for shows by memorizing world capitals, Shakespeare quotes, Oscar winners and more – demonstrating broad-based brilliance across Jeopardy! topics.

Mattea’s Sensational Statistics

During her headline-grabbing 23 games and counting reign of victory, Mattea has shattered all kinds of Jeopardy! benchmarks for a millennial player. Let’s run through some of her most jaw-dropping stats:

  • 23 consecutive wins and counting. Mattea is only the ninth contestant in Jeopardy! history to win 20+ games. Her 23-day streak trails only all-time greats Ken Jennings (74 wins) and James Holzhauer (32 wins).
  • $560,983 in prize money so far. She’s the top money winner in Jeopardy!’s Hall of Fame for contestants under 30 and already #12 all-time.
  • 5th longest win streak ever for a woman (and youngest by over a decade).
  • 97.1% accuracy on clues responded to – the highest of any contestant with 15+ games played.
  • Best coryat score by a woman in Jeopardy! history – $34,000 in a single game on April 14, 2022. Coryat measures pure knowledge by not counting wagering.
  • Second highest-winning percentage ever, winning 92.68% of games she’s played.
  • First millennial to be named a “super champion” (marking 10+ wins and $250K+ earned) in Jeopardy! history at just 23 years old.

Mattea has made child’s play of some categories particularly feared by Jeopardy! contestants half her age – even viral sensation Amy Schneider. Opera, ballet, classical music – the musical prodigy routinely sweeps these clues thanks to her early arts education.

She’s also dominated literature-heavy boards like Shakespeare and poetry. Combine that well-rounded brilliance with her blistering buzzer speed – Mattea buzzes in first a swift 58% of the time – and you have the formula that’s launched the superstar into the Jeopardy! stratosphere.

What’s Next for Mattea After Jeopardy!?

Looking ahead, Mattea isn’t quite ready to leave her newfound fame behind after she finally loses on Jeopardy! She plans to apply to appear on ABC’s celebrity spin-off series Celebrity Jeopardy! – and we wouldn’t bet against her getting cast.

The Yale grad also aspires to compete on a global stage. She wants to qualify for the Jeopardy! International Tournament as a wild card pick to test her smarts against elite trivia whizzes from around the world.

When she’s not training her brain, the world traveler hopes her Jeopardy! winnings will fund adventures wandering distant lands and checking destinations off her bucket list.

The savvy millennial is also investing a chunk of her cash prize back into her education. Now that law school is paid for thanks to Jeopardy!, Mattea can pursue her dream of becoming a corporate lawyer without being burdened by six-figure student loan debt.

Her remarkable run has already opened doors in the entertainment industry as well. The formerly unknown tutor now boasts 50,000 Instagram followers and counting. She’s positioned to remain a pop culture fixture with media and sponsorship opportunities sure to come knocking.

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Will We See Another Super Champion Like Mattea Soon?

In almost 40 years on the air, only a dozen Jeopardy! players have ever notched 20+ consecutive victories.

And Mattea is rewriting the record books in more ways than one.

Before her history-making stint, no woman before the age of 30 had ever won more than 5 games. Now the 23-year-old phenom owns the two longest win streaks ever for a female player under 30 – a mind-boggling stat.

Why has it taken nearly four decades of shows for a young woman to find such record-shattering success?

In an interview, Mattea credited being the first player of her generation to make a sustained Jeopardy! run against today’s tougher competition:

“There are more content domains that make up trivia now than when the show started in the ‘80s. Think about how much knowledge of the internet and contemporary pop culture you need now compared to then.”

She also believes younger minds may have certain cognitive advantages, like increased working memory and processing speed. Combined with her lifelong training competing in academic games, Mattea says her brain “works well tackling the rapid fire buzzer mechanics of Jeopardy!.”

Whether her historic streak ends at 23 wins or 50-plus, the energetic Canuck has already cemented icon status as the youngest, coolest Jeopardy! super champion ever. She won’t be disappearing from public fascination any time soon.

Now the question remains – will any up-and-coming trivia stars of Gen Z be able to match Mattea’s blistering pace? For age may be just a number, but her dizzying intelligence is one-of-a-kind.

FAQs about Mattea Roach

How old is Mattea from Jeopardy?

Mattea Roach is currently 23 years old. She was born on May 14, 1999.

Where is Mattea Roach originally from?

Mattea hails from Toronto, Ontario Canada. She was raised in Toronto by her teacher-librarian mother and publishing professional father.

What university did Mattea Roach attend?

Mattea attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. She graduated magna cum laude in 2022 with a dual bachelor’s degree in English and Sexuality & Gender Studies.

What does Mattea Roach do for a living?

After graduating Yale, Mattea moved back home to Toronto where she tutors students part-time in English literacy skills. She aspires to attend law school eventually.

Is Mattea Roach an Only Child?

No – Mattea has one younger brother named William who is still in school.

What is Mattea Roach’s Jeopardy win streak?

As of December 2022, Mattea has won 23 consecutive games on Jeopardy! putting her #9 on the all-time consecutive win list. Her streak trails only legends Ken Jennings (74 wins) and James Holzhauer (32 wins).

How much money has Mattea Roach won on Jeopardy?

So far in her 23 games, Mattea has won a total of $560,983 in prize money. That ranks her the #12 biggest money winner in Jeopardy! history already.

Key Takeaways

  • At just 23 years old, Mattea Roach is the youngest contestant ever to become a Jeopardy! “super champion” (10+ wins and $250K+ in prize money).
  • Her current 23-game win streak is tied for the 9th-longest ever. She trails only all-time greats Ken Jennings (74 wins) and James Holzhauer (32 wins).
  • Mattea has won a total of $560,983 so far – ranking her the highest money winner ever aged under 30.
  • She attended Yale University, majoring in English and Sexuality & Gender Studies, graduating magna cum laude in 2022.
  • Originally from Toronto, Canada, the trivia wunderkind now resides there again working as a tutor while contemplating applying to law school.
  • Mattea credits her early education in the arts and competing on academic quiz teams for shaping her rapid reflexes and mastery across trivia domains – from Shakespeare to pop culture.

At just 23 years young, the sensational Mattea Roach has already cemented her legacy as the coolest Jeopardy! phenom yet. And she’s not done chasing trivia glory just yet…so don’t flip that dial.

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