At Ekotha, we uphold standards of truth, accuracy, and fairness in all stories published on our platform. As a collection of personal narratives dealing with real-world issues, it’s vital that we fact check stories to maintain reader trust.

Submission Fact Checking

All stories submitted by contributors are carefully vetted by our editorial team. We verify factual statements made in stories to the best of our ability based on available evidence. Contributors may be asked to provide supporting documentation or facts. Stories containing demonstrably false information will be rejected or the author will be asked to modify the content.

Editing Assistance

Our editors work collaboratively with authors to refine stories for clarity, narrative flow, concision, and factuality. We take care not to undermine the author’s voice or distort the meaning of stories. Any substantive changes are confirmed with the author prior to publishing.


If a published story is found to contain false or inaccurate information, we will promptly append editor’s notes with corrections explaining the issue. In severe cases such as fabrication or falsification, stories will be removed from Ekotha or clearly marked as retracted.

Comment Fact Checking

We encourage healthy dialogue and debate in comments. However, verifiably inaccurate facts and conspiracy theories will be removed or labeled as contested or speculative. Persistent violations may result in account restrictions.

Reader Feedback

Readers can report questionable content or facts easily. Our editors investigate these issues and take appropriate actions per our policies. We also welcome any constructive feedback to continually improve our processes.

By upholding rigorous fact checking principles for stories and comments, we aim to build an online community rooted in nuance, truth, and mutual understanding.