We are a passionate team dedicated to connecting people across cultures through shared stories and perspectives. Ekotha, which means “story” in Bengali, was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who believe that stories have an unparalleled ability to inspire understanding and empathy.

Our platform features captivating first-person stories from people around the world on topics ranging from overcoming adversity to celebrating traditions old and new. We curate these stories and present them beautifully through various media like the written word, photography, illustrations, audio, and video.

Beyond the stories themselves, Ekotha facilitates meaningful exchanges between readers through comments and forums. We foster an environment where people listen and learn from each other across divides. Even when perspectives differ, the focus stays on finding common ground.

As a social enterprise based in Kolkata, India, we have deep roots in local communities and a global outlook towards bridging cultural barriers. The Ekotha team collaborates with storytellers and partners worldwide while staying true to our core vision of empathy through storytelling.

We invite you to explore the rich tapestry of stories on Ekotha. Let them expand your horizons and understanding. We hope they warm your heart as much as they have ours on this journey. Please reach out anytime to collaborate or just to say hello!